International Symposium of EWRA "Water Resources Management: New Approaches and Technologies"
Chania (Crete-Greece), 13-16 June 2007

The Symposium took place in Chania, Greece, with over 150 participants from various countries. Two parallel sessions took place and 50 papers where presented in oral and poster form. The proceedings of the Symposium where published in a volume of 300 pages.

The paper presented was entitled: “Detection of Water Leaks in Supply Pipes Using Ground Penetrating Radar Technologies” by Matthaios BIMPAS, Angelos AMDITIS and Nikolaos UZUNOGLU (ICCS).

This paper shows the ability to use a Continuous Wave (CW) Doppler Radar, operating at 2.45 GHz, as an instrument to detect water leaks. The operation principle is the detection of the Doppler frequency shift of the electromagnetic wave when it is reflected by slightly moving water that leaks out of the pipe. The comparison between the prototype radar system and prevailing commercial methods proves the efficiency of the proposed system. These promising results of this radar trigger off the authors to enhance the detection capabilities and provide an integrated system by using an UWB radar for detecting additionally the extent of the water leaks and a Decision Support System to point out the need to repair the pipelines.

Download the presentation here