IWA/Water Loss Conference
Bucharest, Romania, 23-26 September 2007

Water Loss 2007, the biennial specialised conference organized by the Water Loss Task Force (WLTF) of the Efficient Operation and Management Specialist Group, is the third event in a series of IWA water loss reduction speciality conferences, following the successful "Leakage 2005" that was held in Halifax, NS, Canada.

The full program and other relevant details and information are available on line from the conference website www.waterloss2007.com .

Geza- Zoltan Kiss (AQUASERV) presented the paper titled “WaterPipe project: an innovative high resolution Ground Penetration Imaging Radar (GPIR) for detecting water pipes and for detecting leaks and a Decision-Support-System (DSS) for the rehabilitation management of the water pipelines” which contained the presentation of the Waterpipe project.