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The GPIR prototype including the Software to Convert the Output of the GPIR into Parameters that Characterise damage

Executive Summary

The present report is actually an accompanying “letter” for the prototype Ground Penetrating Imaging Radar (GPIR) that was developed in the framework of the “WATERPIPE” Research Project. It includes some information about the implemented prototype system, so that it can be comprehended. It describes the main specification taken into account through the design and implementation phase of the project, the main subcomponents of the GPIR and the procedure for operating the system.

At the end of this report, we present the first results of the measurements in the framework of WP2, but these are quite indicative and of course in lab environment and not real conditions.

For better comprehension of system operation, some fundamental theory is also provided, however more detailed analysis can be found either in the submitted deliverable D1 or in the later report of the project that will be submitted after M18


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