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Executive Summary

Within this document a concise dissemination plan is designed in order to assist the effective use of resources allocated to the dissemination task. In this plan the target groups are defined and the relevant communication channels for each target group are specified. In addition, a draft work plan is created including the objectives of the dissemination task per each year of its duration.

Therefore, with the present report, an overview of a first strategic approach is presented along with a description of potential means to be used throughout the procedure (e.g. leaflets, posters)

During the first 18 months of the project the dissemination activities will be focused on spreading the concepts and ideas behind the project’s research activities. WATERPIPE consortium will stress on presenting papers and publications to various national and international events as described in detail to this report. The added value of each event will be carefully examined, making sure each time that the maximum amount of audience belonging to the target groups already specified will be reached. This will be achieved through project presentations not only to European located International events but also to conferences in the United States and congresses at International level.

Extensive care of the WATERPIPE website through continuous updates will aim in maintaining the interest of both experts and end users, while regular newsletters will be sent to the User Forum members. These actions together with the dissemination material, which will be produced for the project, will also be of assistance.

The initial dissemination plan for the whole duration of the project until its end is presented. This includes the maximising of the effort to advertise the project’s results and research findings to the public so that the project achieves a real impact in the community. For this to be accomplished, a careful consideration of the future plans for demonstrating and presenting the project’s achievements is prepared by the WATERPIPE consortium. Initial plans include the deployment of large scale effort towards the participation to all major international events which deem suitable by the WPs for the dissemination of WATERPIPE Project. The above events will be complemented with publications to major high impact conferences and journals.

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