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Executive Summary

Present report defines the design specifications of the Ground Penetrating Imaging Radar (GPIR) to be developed in the framework of the “WATERPIPE” Research Project. The system and subsystem interface specifications are derived by carrying first a system analysis and then description of the operation principles of the various subunits of the GPIR. The essential part of the system is the imaging algorithm which will generate the images concerning the underground medium. Ultra wide band signal processing techniques are utilized to measure and record the reflected-scattered waves on a plane of 1×1 m2 with a pixel size of 10×10 cm2 along the time axis following the illumination of the ground medium with a short pulse signal radiated by a wide band transverse electromagnetic horn antenna. The recorded sampled time domain data at the 100 points (10×10) is equivalent to 400 sampling points and are utilized to obtain the underground medium images in three dimensions using coherent electromagnetic “holographic” techniques in real time. Two alternative three dimensional imaging methods are formulated and will be tried. Both mechanical and electronic scanning is used to obtain the measurements of the reflected-scattered wavefronts from the underground medium


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