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Ferrara, Italy
May 21-23, 2008

The Leakage Technology Conference will provide a unique opportunity for water industry practitioners interested in following global best practices in water leakage management to gain a full picture of the latest European research, most advanced technical solutions available and practical experiences.

Participants will hear directly from other European researchers and end-users how various applications for leak detection, measurement and management are working in practice.

Decision makers and technicians from water companies internationally who wish to reduce water leakage throughout the network should attend this event to help them establish the most appropriate leakage reduction strategy incorporating the most effective use of practical leak detection equipment and the most efficient overall technology mix.

Companies which want to achieve an economic level of leakage need to stay abreast of any new technologies that may change their present circumstances.

This conference will assist with the evaluation process and help managers decide whether to stick with what they’ve already got or invest in something new. Water utilities will also be able to view working demos of most recent technologies and software which are used to detect and measure very low flow levels, detect and pinpoint leakages, reduce unmeasured flow, monitor and manage flow and pressure in the network.

Leakage Technology Conference is organised by Fondazione AMGA, GOA (Gruppo Ottimizzazione Acquedotti) and Italian Water Convention in collaboration with FederUtility, members of the Water Loss Task Force of the International Water Association, KIWA, UKWIR and relevant European research projects.

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Dr Matthaios Bimpas (ICCS) will present the WATERPIPE concept and the first results of the implemented system to the conference.


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